Years before the green movement took hold, SmartWatt Energy founder Chris Covell became interested in the economics of energy conservation. He was 23 and just beginning to work in the lighting energy efficiency industry.  In short order he realized that he had stumbled upon a great opportunity. Here was the perfect way to put his unique blend of experience to good use: He could leverage his finance background to help customers save money by designing lighting projects that incorporated not just efficient technology, but available utility incentives and tax deductions as well. In 2002—less than six months later—SmartWatt was born, powered by a total of three employees. That same year, SmartWatt opened its first corporate office in Albany, New York, and launched its Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Division. The company soon hit its stride with an explosive growth cycle, punctuated by the opening of a second office (Rochester, New York) in 2006.

When the recession hit hard in 2009, Covell exercised the leadership and creativity at the heart of SmartWatt's mission. Instead of pulling back, SmartWatt went big, opening three new offices in the next year in Syracuse, New York; Scranton, Pennsylvania; and Sacramento, California, while launching the Utility Programs Division. In 2010, leveraging the strength of SmartWatt's streamlined approach, the National Accounts Group started.

Further expansion followed at a fast clip, and two more offices in Chicago, Illinois, and New York, New York, opened in 2011. Along the way, SmartWatt realized that commercial software applications weren't serving the company’s unique program management needs. With the help of some of the greatest programmers in the industry, SmartWatt developed and launched its own software application, AMP®, in 2011. Constant enhancements and upgrades help SmartWatt stay ahead of the technological curve.

Five more offices—in Nashville, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; Pueblo, Colorado; Los Angeles, California; and Richmond, Virginia—opened in 2012, earning SmartWatt the 5th Fastest Growing Private Engineering Company in the United States appellation on Inc. magazine’s annual 5000 List. With the opening of the Philadelphia, PA; Grand Rapids, MI and Starkville, MS offices in 2013, SmartWatt's impressive growth was once again recognized on Inc. magazine's annual 5000 List, where they climbed 244 spots from their 2012 spot. In 2014, they launched three new utility programs and opened offices in Pittsburgh, PA; Portland, OR and Cincinnati, OH, while developing AMP® for Institutional Projects. Another utility program has already launched in 2015, along with a new office in Baltimore, MD. SmartWatt currently has 18 offices and more than 250 employees.

Throughout its exponential growth, SmartWatt has stayed true to its core values of superior service and impeccable integrity. With a work ethic like no other, clients trust SmartWatt to get the job done right.