Integrated design-build energy-efficiency projects mean long-term energy savings and improvements for your commercial, industrial or institutional facility's energy infrastructure. Our staged approach to integrated energy-efficiency projects accounts for the interaction among all the energy flows in a building and produces a systematic plan for upgrades that increase energy savings. Each stage includes projects that will affect projects in future stages; the overall process results in the greatest possible energy and cost savings. SmartWatt's unique approach extends to K-12 school and Community College projects in California under Proposition 39.

Our Triple-Win Approach

We bring together all the necessary criteria—best-in-class engineering, state-of-the-art technology and customer-focused project management—to develop a new operations paradigm. Our adherence to best practices delivers a triple-win of maximum economy, functionality and sustainability. 

The easiest way to save energy is to replace energy-guzzling fixtures with ones that do the same job with less. By making sure you're using the right type of lighting when and where you need it, we can help you dramatically reduce the amount of energy you use.

Our Energy Solutions Include:

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