From Blueprint to Footprint

Everyday we prove that by doing it all, we can do it better. Our turnkey approach means we know exactly how our analysis will guide improvements, how our proposal will determine construction and how our installation will maximize savings. From blueprint to footprint, we ensure a consistent level of quality that meets our rigorous standards. Under our watchful eye, we steer the project through every stage of development and beyond, offering ongoing maintenance, sustainability branding and media outreach once your project is completed.Turnkey Approach Graphic

Together, we'll determine your facility's specific needs. Once you give us the go-ahead, you can turn the reins over to us. We'll watch over every aspect of the project—so you don't have to. Our engagement with details, best practices and close control ensures excellence. 

Step 1 Preliminary Analysis
A SmartWatt Energy auditor will provide a complimentary preliminary analysis of your facility, including taking inventory of your existing lighting and mechanical components. We'll conduct an interview process to determine your facility's unique needs and energy-efficiency challenges.

Step 2 Preliminary Proposal
After your needs analysis, our auditor will prepare a preliminary savings proposal outlining estimates of the energy savings and utility incentives available for your facility. We'll present these findings to your team.

Step 3 Engineering and Design
Once you decide to move forward, our project engineers and construction managers begin to prepare an in-depth, customized, value-engineered design of your facility. Our retrocommissioning team ensures your facility is operating as intended. Our project engineers carefully model existing light levels and conduct a photometric analysis to determine the most energy-efficient fixture configuration, then identify and model mechanical savings opportunities. Our construction managers then verify constructability of the design. The final analysis becomes a blueprint for the installation of integrated energy-efficiency upgrades in your facility and is included in your comprehensive project proposal.

Step 4 Comprehensive Proposal 
Based on the customized design, our team provides a comprehensive project proposal and payback analysis for your facility. The proposal includes recommended measures, proposed technologies, exact utility incentives and rebates, available tax deductions and credits, financing options and in the case of integrated projects, our suggestions for phasing the project over time.

Step 5 Project Construction
Our team schedules the implementation of your energy savings project by our construction crews. Our construction manager provides on-site supervision and management of crews and is available to answer questions at all times during the installation of your project.

Step 6 Measurement and Verification
SmartWatt provides post-installation energy bill analysis, monthly or as needed, explaining what you are saving on your energy bill as a result of the energy-efficiency project. We will also suggest other options available to save more on your energy bill.

Step 7 Ongoing Service
Even after your project is complete, SmartWatt doesn't stop working. We remove and dispose of (in an EPA-certified, environmentally sound manner) existing fixtures and equipment in your facility. We train your employees on proper maintenance of all new fixtures and mechanical equipment (or you can contract with us for ongoing maintenance). Plus, our included 1-year parts and labor warranty lets you know your investment is protected.